Ronnie offers not only a fresh perspective to the foregoing issues, but also comes from a unique background with a wealth of experience in public service.



Housing is a basic human right. Nonetheless, affordable housing has become a scarcity amidst rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. Ronnie will increase awareness of housing rights for tenants and advocate for affordable rents by working with the community to create solutions that hold enforcement entities accountable and protect the most vulnerable in the district.


Public Housing

From the Jacob Riis to the Baruch Houses, District 2 has many public housing developments where conditions need to be rapidly improved. Especially in light of the $75M cut of federal aid under the Trump administration, the district needs a councilmember who will fight for continued NYCHA funding, and who will work to provide proactive solutions to the problems faced by NYCHA tenants.



Having attended public school his whole life, Ronnie understands the transformational power of quality public school education in shaping a child’s future as well as to the communities they live in. He has mentored young kids in the city along with New York Yankee Derek Jeter, and will continue to work towards improving public schools through increased funding, greater access to technology, and stronger support for teachers.


Small Businesses

Ronnie’s parents were small business owners and understands the role of small businesses as the backbone of any community. Recently, he has witnessed many small and family owned businesses close their doors or get replaced by larger chain stores. Ronnie will work alongside small business owners to protect and bring back local cafes, restaurants, professional creatives and boutiques to our many neighborhoods that have lost them over time.



The son of Korean American immigrants in a predominantly white and Latino neighborhood, Ronnie grew up being continuously reminded that he was different from other kids in his community. He understands the importance of embracing diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and values, and knows that it is these differences that enrich local communities. During his time at MTV, he won an Emmy for The T Word, a documentary celebrating transgender youth. He wants New York City to be a safe place where the most vulnerable can find their voices.